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Claims Policy

Woofmeets recognizes that sometimes services don’t go according to plan. In the rare event that something goes wrong, we are committed to our community. The Woofmeets Claims policy outlines the possibility of reimbursement for costs arising from certain damages. The damages must be a direct result of the care provided during a service booked through Woofmeets.

What Could Be Covered*

In the rare event that there is damage to a pet parent’s home, you may be protected by Woofmeets's property damage protection.

*Woofmeets will review claims on a case by case basis in accordance with current policies, guidelines, and agreements. All claim submissions outside of these parameters will be denied.

What is Not Covered

  • Damages, injuries, and losses outside of a service booked through Woofmeets or not as a direct result of a service with Woofmeets

  • Damage to a pet parent’s property caused by their own pets, or damage to the property of a pet caregiver or someone related to or residing with the pet caregiver

  • Chronic or standard veterinary care

  • Treatment costs for preventive care, or medical or veterinary bills resulting from an illness or a chronic or pre-existing condition

  • Parasitic infestations that are preventable such as those of fleas or ticks

  • Injury to the pet caregiver or pet parent, or someone related to or residing with the pet caregiver or pet parent

  • Property upgrades 

  • Parking fines or fees

To Submit a Claim

To submit a claim, please fill out the Woofmeets Veterinary Claim form or the Woofmeets Property Damage Claim form. Please be as thorough and complete as possible and include any relevant receipts, screenshots, messages, videos, or other documentation to support your claim. 

To expedite the investigation process arising from an incident on the platform, we ask that all claims, and invoices (if applicable), are submitted within seven (7) days of the initial incident to ensure swift resolution. Woofmeets takes reported platform incidents seriously, and wants to allow the proper due diligence when investigating a claim. As a reminder, under the platform Terms of Service, Woofmeets is not liable for claims by third parties, including but not limited to, personal injury, injury to any pets or property damage. 


Please note that the above policy applies only to pet parents using the Woofmeets platform and does not apply to pet sitters nor pet parents outside of the Woofmeets platform.

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