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How does the sitter profile review process work?

The Woofmeets sitter team manually examines each sitter profile. We assess every profile to see if it adheres to our specific set of high requirements. They can then list pet care services on the website after we validate their profile and determine the sitter or dog walker is a good fit for Woofmeets.

Some possible causes for the rejection of my profile are listed below:

  • The sitters and dog walkers on Woofmeets are a special blend of professional and caring. A profile might not be authorized if we don't think it demonstrates those qualities.

  • It's not immediately clear from looking at sitters who offer in-home services whether they can deliver the customized experience our pet parents desire. By giving dogs individualized care and one-on-one attention, Woofmeets was created to be an alternative to kennels.

  • We cannot infer from the pet sitter's profile that they are able to safely manage the high number of dogs they wish to accommodate at once. The profile summary and/or images of the sitter's house may be included here.

  • The pet sitter may find it difficult to provide a safe environment for new pets because of the vast number of animals currently present in their home.

Is it possible to challenge the approval judgment?

We take great care in selecting pet sitters who are a good fit for Woofmeets. We make every effort to complete the approval process completely the first time around, so the decision is final and cannot be challenged.

What does Woofmeets do with the entire set of personal data I provided when I made my sitter profile?

Our protected database contains personal information. It is not made available to or shared with any other businesses or individuals.

Can I still schedule a stay or walk for my dog through Woofmeets?

Absolutely! You are still welcome to use Woofmeets to make reservations for your own pets. You can still access your account, including your payment information, even though you can't access your sitter profile any longer.

Can I get my photos, profile information, and recommendations back?

Access to a sitter's profile, including any pictures or information they may have added, is disabled once they deactivate their account. All of the data is safely kept by Woofmeets and will never be disclosed to or accessible by other businesses or third parties.

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