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What are the service fees?

Woofmeets was created to make it simpler to live with a dog. We achieve this by providing a cutting-edge and secure platform, providing round-the-clock client assistance, and creating better tools. Service fees fund Woofmeets operations and allow it to adapt its services to the demands of our expanding community. They also cover the Woofmeets Guarantee, a refund scheme whose main goal is to safeguard animals.


Service fees vary depending on what subscription plan you are using.

Premium Plans

Service charge for appointment







Pet sitters form the basis of our business. We wouldn't be here if it weren't for their dedication, enthusiasm, and hard work in delivering excellent pet care. We're in it for the long run and will continue to offer support, opportunities for learning, and assistance to individuals in expanding their businesses. These fees enable Woofmeets's customer service, round-the-clock trust and safety coverage, crucial site maintenance, and product advancements, among other things. Additionally, they assist with paying for sitters' perks, such as continuous Woofmeets promotion and the expense of processing payments.


The owner service fee will not apply to services reserved through a Woofmeets account set up before the fee went into effect. In accordance with your sitter's cancellation policy, it is returnable in the event that the owner or sitter cancels the reservation. The charge will be modified if the reservation dates change.

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