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How do I manage my availability

A crucial aspect of running your business on Woofmeets is maintaining your calendar. We'll go over how to manage your availability for particular dates and services using the Woofmeets calendar feature in this article.

Woofmeets app:

  • Select Calendar.

  • To edit a date, tap it. When you pick Edit, you can either label the full day as unavailable or change the number of slots each service is offering.

  • When you're done making changes to your availability, click Save.

Woofmeets web:

  •  After logging in, choose Calendar from the dropdown menu next to your name in your Woofmeets account.

  •  Pick the days on your calendar that you want to change. Click and drag the mouse to choose a date range to control availability for several dates at once. To mark all services as unavailable, select.

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