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How do I manage my rates for additional services?

Use the Additional Rates option to specify prices for extra services during a reserved stay. You can add the following service charges to the price of a reservation depending on the client's requirements.

The options below will differ by service:

  • Holiday Rate

  • Additional Dog Rate

  • Puppy Rate

  • Cat Care

  • Additional Cat

  • Bath / Grooming Rate

  • Extended Care

  • Extended Care

  • Extended Stay Rate

  • Discount Adjustments

For pet sitters who provide cat care: Be sure to select the box in the Pet Preferences section of your account to indicate that you accept cat care requests for each of your services.

Including additional rates:

You can either manually specify a rate for each extra service you want to provide in your profile, or you can set these rates automatically.

Select Update my additional charges based on my base rate under each of your services to automatically adjust these rates.

To manually determine the cost of additional services:

1. To access the rate administration page, first log into your Woofmeets account.

2. Select "Show additional rate” next to every one of your services.

3. For the additional services you want to provide, set your prices. Don't fill in the rate box for any services you don't want to offer.

4. Select "Save" as you go down.

You can, at any time, take off the rate next to a certain additional service by simply eliminating the rate next to it. Once you've made these adjustments, click Save at the bottom.

Clients can click "Additional Rates" at the bottom of your profile to view a breakdown of your additional fees.

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