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How do I add and edit photos on my profile?

On Woofmeets, photos are crucial to building a successful sitter profile and drawing in possible customers. We'll cover how to manage stay photos, gallery photos, and profile images in this article.

Set a profile picture:

When you're communicating with a customer through Woofmeets Messages or in search results, your profile picture will be displayed next to your name. We advise including a crystal-clear, well-lit portrait of your face.

Add or change gallery images:

Clients can get a sense of who you are through your gallery images and how you will treat their pets. Include pictures of yourself walking dogs or taking care of animals in this section of your sitter profile.

Reorganize gallery images

The largest photograph shown on your sitter profile will be the one located in the first position of your gallery of photos. At any point, you may change the arrangement of these pictures by choosing one from the gallery and dragging it to the place you choose. Make sure to save your modifications.

Modify images with captions

By including captions, you can give your gallery photographs more context. Make a favorable impression on potential customers by writing captions that are succinct, upbeat, and welcoming.

Remove images

Hover over an image and click the trash can icon to remove it entirely from your gallery. Select "Yes" to accept your changes.

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