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Respecting others and their space is integral to the success of Woofmeets's community and business. To avoid a negative experience, including ones that result in damage to either the home or other property, such as the pet's leash, collar or harness, Pet Parents expect Pet Caregivers to understand their specific instructions to carry out the requested service. Countless services happen daily, and it is important to carefully read each Pet Parent’s profile to learn about their specific pet and their specific expectations.

For Pet Parents, providing accurate and clear information in the Woofmeets app or on our website is important. Remember, like pets, each of us is unique and will have varying expectations of the other person. Being communicative and asking questions when you feel you don’t have enough information will help avoid misunderstandings of what is acceptable and what is not. A simple in-app message or call can lead to a more successful experience.

Respecting the Home

Use good judgment. Pet Parents expect Pet Caregivers to conduct themselves in a respectful fashion when entering their home. Carefully reading the Pet Parent's home access instructions will help facilitate a smooth experience. Woofmeets wants everyone to feel respected and comfortable while engaged in any of the service experiences offered through our platform. Pet Parents expect Pet Caregivers to only access areas that are designated as allowed by the Pet Parent, leave everything as they found it, and ensure the home is locked up during the service and after they’ve brought the pet back home.

While in a Pet Parent's home, regardless of the service you are providing, Pet Caregivers should not take photos. A home is a private space and should be treated as such. The only exception is when the Pet Parent has requested photo updates of the service. Again, this is why it is important to understand specific Pet Parent expectations each time a service is provided using the Woofmeets platform.

Respecting Others

Woofmeets supports an inclusive community and is proud to have people of different cultures, races, religions, and sexual orientations on the Woofmeets platform. It is unacceptable to use the platform in a way that is racist, sexist, ageist or discriminatory in any way. If you feel you have been discriminated against, reach out to Woofmeets to report the incident.

Remember that every Woofmeets user may have unique expectations. If you feel you cannot perform the service to the Pet Parents’ explicit instructions or otherwise feel you cannot complete the request, do not request the service engagement.

Pet Caregivers and Pet Parents

Any time a Pet Parent and Pet Caregiver interact, whether within the Woofmeets app, on our website or in real life, the interactions should be informative, kind, and respectful. We’re all here to bring joy to pets and those who love them, as well as to one other.

Community Interactions

When caring for a pet, Pet Parents expect Pet Caregivers to act in a manner that is considerate and thoughtful. They expect Pet Caregivers to pick up after the pet, be respectful of areas where they are walking, and be mindful of those around them.

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