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Tips from Other Pet Parents

Home Access instructions 

A Pet Parent’s notes to the Pet Sitter are extremely important for a safe and successful service. Pet Parents on the platform have shared the following tips:

  • Check all notes and access instructions before booking a service. Update as needed.

  • Ensure your key(s) are properly placed, according to your access notes

  • Put all the required supplies (such as leashes, collars, poop bags, and treats) within view and ready for the Pet Sitter

  • Be sure to select or deselect the correct pets for each service


Reliability across the platform from all parties helps ensure a safe and successful service with Woofmeets. Pet Parents have shared these tips for a successful service:

  • Provide correct information in the app (such as the number & breed of dogs, dog and access notes, and up-to-date dog profile photos)

  • Provide proper equipment or indicate the desired equipment needed for the Pet Sitter to complete the service

  • Be available for communication with the Pet Sitter and/or Woofmeets throughout the duration of the service

  • Ensure the dog(s) are ready at the time of service

  • If you're dropping your dog(s) off with the Pet Sitter, be on time, or communicate any changes via in-app-chat

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