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Van Ness Covered Cat Litter Box

Van Ness Covered Cat Litter Box

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Keep your furry friend's space clean with this Van Ness Covered Cat Litter Box Extra-Giant. You should not enjoy your cat any less because he or she happens to be a messy digger or because they leave stinky "presents" in the litter pan.

The Van Ness extra-large enclosed cat litter box eliminates litter scatter and reduces odor so your cat's business doesn’t ruin your day. It's equipped with a drip shield that helps prevent any leaks from occurring between the top and bottom cat box.

This  Van Ness Covered Cat Litter Box Extra-Giant has a high polish finish to make it easier to clean and maintain and it's made from plastic material that's odor and stain-resistant. It includes filters for your convenience.

Van Ness Products Pureness Covered Cat Litter Box, Extra-Giant, 1 Box:

  • Ideal for multiple or large cat households
  • Odor control: exceptional odor and litter scatter control
  • Replaceable Zeolite air filter helps reduce litter box odors
  • Includes filters for initial use; replace as needed
  • Mess reduction: enclosure helps reduce litter scatter that often occurs with cats
  • Drip shield to help prevent any leaks between the top and bottom cat box
  • Easy to clean: high polish finish makes Van Ness cat litter box's pan easier to clean
  • Made from odor and stain resistant plastic, BPA free
*includes top hood, bottom pan, removable odor door and replaceable Zeolite air filter
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